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Welcome to the NCBA Conservation Organization.  We are glad you are here!


The NCBA Conservation Organization is a Michigan nonprofit corporation dedicated to acquiring, maintaining, and protecting nature sanctuaries, nature preserves, and natural areas in this state that predominantly contain natural habitat for fish, wildlife, and plants for the benefit of all residents of Michigan.


The Internal Revenue Service has found that NCBACO is a charity within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The NCBACO was organized in the Fall of 2011. 


The NCBA Conservation Organization is growing!  All our property is open to you as residents of Michigan for nondestructive educational and recreational use including hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.  No commercial, agricultural, residential, or business use is permitted.


Some of our newest lots are Lots 1-13 and 28-40 of Block 10 in Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2; Lots 5-7 and 34-40 of Block 8 of Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2; Lots 1-12 of Block 24, Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2 near Perry Avenue; and three lots near Sandhill Road - Lots 30-32 of Block 27 of Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2.   Our newer lots are Lots 12 through 14 of Block 17 In Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2 (on the west side of Fremont between Parsons and Ede) and Lots 25 and 26 in Block 10 in Pentwater Beach Addition No. 1 (on the east side of Helena between Parsons and Ludington Avenue).  Our “old” lots are Lots 27 and 28 in Block 20 and Lots 5 & 6 in Block 15 of the Oceana County subdivision known as Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2.   The former are located on the east side of North Richard Avenue between Topping Avenue and Rose Avenue.  The latter are located on the west side of Leland Avenue between Ede Avenue and Hoyt Avenue. 


Please enjoy both our new and old lots!


As a nonprofit entity we depend on donations of land and money.  As we acquire donations, we hope to expand our holdings for the benefit and enjoyment of all Michigan residents.


We sponsored a meeting regarding the Hemlock woolly adelgid, which has infested some of the Hemlock trees near Lake Michigan in Mason and northern Oceana County of late.  It is our hope to assist in the control of this pest, which continues to be a threat to our local forests. 


From the CO Archives     NEW SECTION


The Directors of the NCBA Conservation Organization (CO) are aware that a great deal of misleading and inaccurate information has been spreading throughout our community. We want you to know that the Board of the CO wishes to be as forthcoming as possible and hopes to set the record straight on a number of these issues through the new From the CO Archives section of the CO website. In this section we will be posting --  


·       Correspondence and issue papers addressing topics of concern and questions that have come to our attention (many of which were originally sent to the NCBA community as emails).


·       Related documentary records, including the minutes of past annual meetings of the NCBA (which routinely included reports of CO activities), newsletters, notices and other correspondence. 


We believe these materials will enable us to answer your questions, as well as counter the misinformation that has been circulating. Whether you are a long-term resident of NCBA or are a newcomer, we want to assure you that from its origins in 2011, the CO has been up front about its record of acquisitions and the intention to make its land holdings accessible to Michigan residents for non-destructive recreational and educational use. It should be noted that the CO land holdings now form a considerable Nature Preserve and protect more than 32 acres of undisturbed forested dune within the boundaries of Pentwater Beach Additions 1 & 2. These land holdings were acquired over many years through donations of land and money from members of the NCBA community. As properties have been acquired, they have offered residents of Michigan, including our own neighbors, the opportunity to walk the woods, enjoy the natural setting, observe the wildlife, and engage in other non-destructive recreational and educational activities.



Records Relating to the Founding of the NCBA Conservation Organization


The CO Board of Directors has recently reviewed the CO’s founding documents and has decided to post them for your review. We hope you will agree with our finding that the records clearly indicate that the NCBA membership was fully informed from the beginning of 1) the increasing tax burden of the lands held by the NCBA for conservation purposes and 2) the fact that the formation of a nonprofit, conservation organization could alleviate the financial problem but would require, in exchange for the benefits as a tax-exempt and qualified charitable organization, the two-fold commitment—


·       Protect the natural character of our community’s undeveloped forested dunes in perpetuity.


·       Make the conservation lands accessible to residents of Michigan for non-destructive activities, such as hiking, nature study, birdwatching, and snowshoeing.


Based on these records, the CO Directors issued the first in its series of informative emails in February 2023. Entitled The Founding of the NCBA Conservation Organization, this message examined the facts relating to the founding of the CO and refuted the inaccurate claim that the CO’s founders kept the organization’s legal obligation to make its future holdings accessible to residents of Michigan a secret. To get a fuller understanding of the issues considered in 2011, we urge you to read the documents listed in the table below for yourself. We hope the information they contain will answer some of your questions and dispel any misconceptions and rumors about CO activities you have heard in recent months. It is the hope of the CO directors that putting the facts out there for your review will help cultivate an informed, meaningful, and respectful dialogue when we discuss your concerns about issues such as public access on CO lands in the upcoming Open Meeting.  


Key records pertaining to the founding of the CO are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the name of the document in the Title column. Here you will find records documenting the circumstances necessitating the creation of the CO, as well as the proceedings where the proposal for a conservation organization was presented to the community and, after considerable open discussion, was approved by the NCBA trustees. We draw your attention to the Special Notice – NCBA Land Protection  which was sent with the notice for the 2011 NCBA Annual Members Meeting. This document clearly demonstrates that members of the community were 1) fully informed about the issues and obligations involved in the CO’s creation, and 2) invited to participate in several meetings to learn more about the proposal and voice their opinion before the proposal was voted on by the NCBA Trustees. Two sets of minutes, Minutes--2011 NCBA Annual Meeting  and Minutes-- NCBA Open Meeting, provide details about the facts presented to the NCBA membership, the questions asked and answered, and the issues discussed prior to the CO’s creation. Although NCBA members had many questions and voiced some concerns, no major objections were expressed at the Annual Members Meeting in August 2011 or at the NCBA Trustees meeting a month later, to which members were invited to participate and where the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to establish the NCBA Conservation Organization. You might also want to read the first NCBACO President’s Letter which provides an overview of the CO’s founding, its relationship to the existing NCBA Land Fund, and its future role and responsibilities under Michigan law.




Type of Record 

Related Event


Notes on Content






July 2011


NCBA Annual Members Meeting

Notice-- 2011 NCBA Annual Meeting

Notice of 2011 annual meeting (as required by NCBA by-laws) which includes the Trustees’ proposal for creation of a Conservation Organization

July 2011

Special Notice

NCBA Annual Members Meeting

Special Notice-- NCBA Land Protection

Addendum (to above notice) which provides facts about proposed CO including the tax benefits and dual responsibilities to preserve the land in perpetuity and provide access to Michigan residents. This document mentions the various options considered by the NCBA trustees and the rationale for recommending the creation of a CO. It also demonstrates members of the community were informed of the issues and obligations involved in the creation of the Conservation Organization and were invited to participate in several meetings to learn more about the proposal, ask questions, and voice their opinion.   

6 Aug 2011


(Approved Aug 2012

NCBA Annual Members Meeting

Minutes--2011 NCBA Annual Meeting

Minutes of 2011 members’ meeting where NCBA Trustees presented CO proposal and conducted an open Q & A session. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the proceedings, including details such as the questions asked, answers provided, and members’ discussion.

3 Sept 2011


NCBA Board of Trustees Meeting

Minutes-- NCBA Open Meeting  

Minutes of Labor Day Trustees’ Meeting at which Board voted unanimously to create the NCBA Conservation Organization (NCBA CO). This document indicates that, although all NCBA members were invited to participate, only a handful attended and no objections were voiced.

Dec 2011

Community Newsletter

NCBA – General Information

NCBA Newsletter Dec 2011

Newsletter announcing the creation of the NCBA CO ….to preserve the land within NCBA in a natural state forever for the benefit of the residents of Michigan.” This document named those NCBA Trustees who would serve as the officers and directors of the new organization. The acquisition of the first two parcels through land donations from two NCBA members was announced, and the anticipated tax benefits to donors of land or money once the CO gained status as a 501 c(3) charitable institution was described.

19 Jun 2012

Letter sent to NCBA members


Routine Operations

NCBACO President’s Letter

First message from the CO President to NCBA membership This letter provides an overview of the organization’s founding, relationship to the existing NCBA Land Fund, and future role and responsibilities “as a not-for-profit entity formed under Michigan law and allowed to hold property for the purpose of protecting nature sanctuaries, nature preserves and natural areas.” The letter further reminds members that any property owned by the CO “will be held in perpetuity for conservation purposes and shall be open to all residents of the state of Michigan for educational or recreational use.”










1 March 2023







Litigation has been filed in Oceana Circuit Court by individuals seeking to vacate Parsons Avenue, a platted street in the subdivision Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2.  Some of NCBA Conservation Organization’s property is in that subdivision.  The NCBA Conservation Organization is one of the defendants in that case. 


The plaintiffs wish to vacate the street and add some of it to their property.  The NCBA Conservation Organization seeks to keep the street open. 


Lots has been said about what the lawsuit is about, some of it quite inaccurate.  Decide for yourself.  What do you think of the claims made by the parties?  Some of the papers they have filed in court are below. 


1.     plat of subdivision


2.     Plaintiffs' Complaint


3.     NCBACO's original Answer filed August, 2021, claiming Nelson rights (replaced)


4.     NCBACO’s Current Answer to Plaintiffs' Complaint with Counterclaim


5.     Hissong Answer and Cross-claim


6.     NCBACO Answer to Cross-claim with defenses



Please direct any questions or comments about the NCBA Conservation Organization to Linda McClelland, president, at PO Box 1043, Pentwater, Michigan 49449, or write us at


Emails from the NCBACO board to our neighbors:


February 18, 2023



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