The Trustees of the NCBA are:

Steve Pierce, member, XX9-5141, penth2o at,

First Term expires August, 2018

Kip Clarke, member, clarkes6  at

          Second Term expires August 2017

Jeff Hoenle, president, 586-212-5674, jhoenle at-,

          Second Term expires August 2016

Lindsay McClelland, member, XX9-5061, lrljkj at

          Filling unexpired Klapperich term ending August, 2016 (not term limited)

David Reynolds, vice president, XX9-3105 or 4684 and 847 866-7871,  hdreynolds at-,

          Second Term expires August, 2016

Ardian Totten, secretary, XX9-5722, ardiantotten at-

             Original Term expires August, 2017

Geoff Turk, member, XX9-4528, gturk at-,

             Original Term expires August, 2018

Jane VanScoyoc, member, XX9-2098, vanscoyoc at

             Original Term expires August 2017

Martha Wagner Weinberg,  member, XX9-4610, mww at

,         First Term expires August 2018


 Please feel free to contact any officer or trustee about any issue pertaining to the NCBA.

Revised 15 June 2016