NCBA Conservation Organization




Welcome to the NCBA Conservation Organization.  We are glad you are here!


The NCBA Conservation Organization is a Michigan nonprofit corporation dedicated to acquiring, maintaining, and protecting nature sanctuaries, nature preserves, and natural areas in this state that predominantly contain natural habitat for fish, wildlife, and plants for the benefit of all residents of Michigan.


The Internal Revenue Service has found that NCBACO is a charity within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The NCBA was organized in the Fall of 2011. 


The NCBA Conservation Organization is growing!  All our property is open to you as residents of Michigan for nondestructive educational and recreational use including hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.  No commercial, agricultural, residential, or business use is permitted.


Some of our newest lots are Lots 1-13 and 28-40 of Block 10 in Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2; Lots 5-7 and 34-40 of Block 8 of Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2; Lots 1-12 of Block 24, Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2 near Perry Avenue; and three lots near Sandhill Road - Lots 30-32 of Block 27 of Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2.   Our newer lots are Lots 12 through 14 of Block 17 In Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2 (on the west side of Fremont between Parsons and Ede) and Lots 25 and 26 in Block 10 in Pentwater Beach Addition No. 1 (on the east side of Helena between Parsons and Ludington Avenue).  Our “old” lots are Lots 27 and 28 in Block 20 and Lots 5 & 6 in Block 15 of the Oceana County subdivision known as Pentwater Beach Addition No. 2.   The former are located on the east side of North Richard Avenue between Topping Avenue and Rose Avenue.  The latter are located on the west side of Leland Avenue between Ede Avenue and Hoyt Avenue. 


Please enjoy both our new and old lots!


As a nonprofit entity we depend on donations of land and money.  As we acquire donations, we hope to expand our holdings for the benefit and enjoyment of all Michigan residents.


We sponsored a meeting regarding the Hemlock woolly adelgid, which has infested some of the Hemlock trees near Lake Michigan in Mason and northern Oceana County of late.  It is our hope to assist in the control of this pest, which continues to be a threat to our local forests. 


Please direct any questions about the NCBACO to Linda McClelland, president of NCBA Conservation Organization, at PO Box 1043, Pentwater, Michigan 49449.



Last modified on 25 September 2022