At a Regular Meeting of the BOARD OF EDUCATION OF NEW TRIER TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 203, held on the 18th day of October, 2004 at 7 Happ Road, Northfield, County of Cook, State of Illinois;


            The meeting was called to order by Onnie Scheyer, President of the Board of Education, and upon roll being called, the following members were:


            PRESENT:      Mr. Graettinger, Mr. Happ, Mr. Koch, Dr. Myers, Mr. Ryan,

                                    Ms. Scheyer, Mr. Ullman


            ABSENT:       None


            OTHERS ALSO PRESENT: Dr. Henry S. Bangser, Superintendent

                                                            Mr. Donald R. Goers, Assistant Superintendent for Business

                                                            Dr. Linda Yonke, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

                                                            Ms. Jan Borja, Principal – Northfield Campus

                                                            Dr. Debra Stacey, Principal – Winnetka Campus


            The following Resolution was offered by Mr. John S. “Buz” Graettinger, Jr. and seconded by Mr. James B. Koch.




WHEREAS a high quality public education is the right of each Illinois student under the Illinois Constitution; and


WHEREAS a well educated public is in the best interest of business and industry in this State and of good government; and


WHEREAS not all public schools in Illinois now have access to funds sufficient to provide a high quality public education to every student;


NOW, THEREFORE, THE Board of Education of New Trier Township High School District 203, Cook County, Illinois:


1.                  urges the General Assembly of the State of Illinois to authorize and appropriate sufficient funds to be paid to the school districts of Illinois such that all Illinois high school students have access to a high quality educational program; and


2.                  instructs the Superintendent of New Trier Township High School District 203 to communicate this resolution to the Governor of the State of Illinois and to all Illinois Representatives and Senators who represent any part of this school district and to the superintendents of our six sender elementary districts and neighboring school districts. 


The adoption of the foregoing Resolution was duly put to a vote, which resulted as follows:


AYES:    6         NAYS:     1



            The Resolution was thereupon declared adopted.


Date:  October 18, 2004